Listen to me and my mad little harmonica when we did "Dreamers first" on on the radio show Fredag! 23/11 ->here<-

Read about the Nebraska-concert with Adora Eye ->here<-

Hey ho! This fall really delivers! A bunch of new songs has been born. I'm preparing for upcoming gigs which I will be doing with Maja Simonsson (clarinet/cello). More gigs are coming up i the beginning of 2013 so keep your eyes open!

Northern Safari is ready to go on summer vacation with you! Add 'Happy days are coming' to your Spotify-playlist and listen until your ears fall off!

I especially want to invite you to the summer concert at Träslottet July 5th.
Starting at 17. Bring your picnic bag!

Summer is here! Let´s celebrate with a singel-release! June 20 you can hear Happy Days Are Coming. Pop til´ you drop!

This summer, I´ll do some gigs with a new trio - we´re I sing my swedish songs! Maja and Joakim Simonsson backs me up on clarinett/cello and piano. Check out "live" for more details.

If you come and watch Northern Safari play this summer, you will see me (AnnaSara) with Niklas Dahrén and Jörgen Persson.

This week you could hear Northern Safari on the radio! "P4 Live" shared last years concert at Humla vis & Popcirkus.

Playing in Söderhamn tomorrow, just me and my guitar. Café Oxen, 18-22. Välkommen!

I had a great time at Radio Vågen today!
Also had a wonderful evening at Träkyrkan with "Atomkraft - Nej tack!" (anti-nuclear).

More shows are rollin´in, check under "Live"!

If you missed the interview with Annasara and Clara in the local newspapper, Bollnäs Nytt. Read it here.

Irina Almgrens podcasts "Open Questions" got listeners all over the world. This time she speaks with Emily White about her memoir "Lonely: Learning to Live With Solitude". In each podcast, Irina introduces her listeners to a new artist. This time it was Northern Safari. Weeho! To read more or to listen to the podcast, click the picture below.

A big thanks to all of you who saw us yesterday in Runemo!
A special thanks to Jörgen "JP" Persson. He made guest appearances on stage and took care of the sound.

A big hug to Clara, who advanced in "The Voice" last Friday!

Gigs for the summer is starting to come in. View our gig calender under "Live".

Happy new! And we're back on track!
We're working as hard as we can in the studio right now.

This week, I will work on a duet with the ever so sweet Clara Sagström from Järvsö.
For you who doesn't follow her on "The Voice" (Swedish TV-show on channel 4), I can tell you she has the voice of an angel! We wrote the song together last summer. It might be called something with a stupid t-shirt. We'll see!

Gigs for 2012 are starting to come in. Check it out!

Merry merry Christmas to you all! Let's hope 2012 will be even a better year than 2011! This is our contribution to the Christmas spirit!


Thanks to P4 Uppland, Thomas Artäng, David & Nisse, and the audience at Reginateatern! We had a great time today! The 1 hour radio concert is availible for listening, check it out!
(Clip is gone. Videos will be up soon. Both here and on youtube!)

Listen to the radio show from SR P4 Gävleborg!
(Clip is gone, check it out under Videos, "When you lose")

One more show 25th of November!
Immediately after the show at Kulturhuset in Bollnäs we'll jump in the car and drive like a jehu down to Gävle, to appear on the Radio Show "Fredag!" with Marie Björk.
For you who live in Gävleborg: Put on channel P4, 15.00 sharp!
All you other sweethearts can do the web-radio-thing! :-)
So long!

Northern Safari is now on youtube! That wasn't a day too soon... Watch two of our songs performed at Bollnäs Folkhögskola in October. ->VIDEOS<-

Kommande spelningar:

24 Okt, Bollnäs Folkhögskola, Baldursalen, kl18. Akustisk spelning. AnnaSara (gitarr, sång), Niklas D (bas), Niklas B (Cajon, slagverk).

25 Nov, Kulturhuset Bollnäs. Sopplunch i Peter Stormaresalen, kl 12.15-12.45. AnnaSara & Emma gästar husbandet.

7 Dec, P4 Live, Uppsala. Live i radio samt för gästerna på Reginateaterns sopplunch. Kl. 12.10-13. Akustisk spelning med hela bandet.

New gig in Bollnäs 24th of October. ->LIVE<-

We have created a page at:

We are proud to tell you all that AnnaSara and Emma will play live in Bollnäs 25th of November. ->LIVE<-

I found an article from 2008 at meadowmusic.se, that was the beginning...
Read the article ->HERE<-

At last! We're on spotify!

Hugs and kisses to everyone of you, who came to UKK in Uppsala Saturday evning.
Lot's of love!

Photo by Anette Larsson.

This Friday (2/9), I'm invited to Jakob Lefflers (Jakob Trollkarl) morning radio show. For those of you who live in Bollnäs, turn up the volume 7.30am, 98,4 mhz. For webradio info ->here<-

More videos uploaded!

And I just want to say thankyouthankyouthankyou to Claes Hedlund who saved us on drums last Sat. You were awesome! We were proud to have you with us. We wish you all luck with your band LeffeP!

Thanks to everyone who defied the rain and supported us at our gig at Hem till byn-festivalen. It was a special evening. I've just uploaded 3 videos you can check out under ->Videos<-

Northern Safari's first review ever! (Yes, I will put it i a golden frame above my bed).

Bollnäs Nytt, August -11

Rehearsal Tuesday night.
Hem till byn-festivalen, here we come!

Read the article from Bollnäs Nytt ->Here<-

Updated info about the gig at UKK, Uppsala ->Here<-

3 more news!

1. We are now the the best selling single at cdon.com.

2. We will play at Reginateatern in Uppsala 7/12 ->Live<-

3. You'll find the whole interview from Ljusnan ->Here<-

I got FOUR smashing news for you this friday night!

1: The EP/Maxi single "Surface for you" is nr.2 on cdon.com's Single toplist. Check it out now! ->Till Cdon's Singel-topplista<-

2: All songs are avalible for listening at ->our myspace<-.

3: We made it to the cover of our local newspaper. The whole interview will soon be published here, but for now, you can read the shorter version ->here<-

4: And last but not least, this friday morning I (AnnaSara) hosted the radio show "P4 Morgon" in Uppsala. Listen to a few pieces, and the song I performed live ->here<-. or go to Lyssningsarkivet and listen to the whole interview. 12/8, from about 09.10 and forward.

A lot is happening right now.

This Friday 12/8 9am I will appear on P4 Morgon, SR Uppland, along with Anette Skåhlberg. We'll talk about the record and who knows, maybe I'll sing a song!

Another happy thing is that our debut EP is placed on number 8th on CDON best selling single list!

And two other great things is Humla kulturförening and Studiefrämjandet.

Nu är det klarrt!

Read more about how the EP was made! It's right ->here<-.

We survived the gig at Humla Vis & Popcirkus! Videos are avalible ->here<-.

The EP-release didn't went according to the plans, but it's here now and you can absolutely buy it! Just send an email to info(at)annasara.se and I will send it to ya! With love! In time you will be able to buy it in e-stores but it seems they've taken vacation too.

The offical release of the EP 'Surface for you' will be on Humla Vis och Popfestival in Ljusdal this Friday. But if you are hungry to hear it earlier you can visit me in my home and buy one for a special price!

The EP will soon be availible at ginza.se and cdon.com and also availible for listening at spotify.

Pictures from Siesta Festivalen -> Pictures
Read the interview from Ladyfest.se (Swedish).

Check out our own little shop!
(a line from our song Covered in colours)
Check it out under "Shop-Shop".

Read the interview from Bollnäs Nytt (Swedish).

We've sealed the deal - we're playing at Siestafestivalen in Hässleholm in June. Awesome!
Check it out under "Live".

First real rehersal with the ultimate choir - Pär "Bajen" Friberg & Emma "Hiris" Dahrén.

We met a last time before our drummerboy took off for work in a theatre in Hotland.

Rehearsal at NMI. We were accompanied by one of two in our ultimate choir - Pär Friberg.