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In June 2011, the first recordings of Northern Safari was released.
It’s a 5-track EP, recorded on a Zoom handy recorder. And, this is the story behind it!

The first time I (AnnaSara) performed in front of other people than my closest friends, it was on TV. Light start! Anette Skåhlberg, a writer and film maker from Uppsala, saw me, and contacted me. She asked me if I wanted to write music for some of her lyrics. I had never done that before, but I said I’d try. We made some songs together, and I started to record them at home so that I could send them to her. We started to like the sound of these simple home recordings, and we began planning a release of a completely home made record.

AnnaSara and the zoom!

Our first song together was “I want to be”. I remember sitting in the sofa, dark evening, and I called my parents (who at the time were my closest neighbours) and told them to come over and bring the banjo and the accordion. I put the headsets on them and started recording. Then I just picked out the things I liked. As simple as that!

Dad, Ingemar Dahrén.

I remember recording the song “In Time”. I had a very special feeling that evening, it doesn’t happen that often (that’s a good thing). I sat down on the floor, in my closet. It was a big green closet, covered with a green flower carpet from the 70’s. I sat in the corner, with all my dresses hanging over my head. It was the only place in the house where it was really quiet. I put the Zoom in front of me, pressed rec, and closed my eyes. Then I went to bed. The day after, I was just listening to what I had recorded the night before, and I heard that pling plong-thing in my head. I was late as usual, dinner out I recall, but I hurried, as usual, packed up this sweet little instrument, and recorded the melody once. Then I rushed out. “-Sorry I’m late, again”. They weren’t surprised, for some reason.

AnnaSara & Anette

The song “Surface for you” was made a rainy day by the window. You can hear the cars passing outside. I told Anette that I liked the thing with the teacup, and she did to. We both write a lot when we’re sitting with our cups of tea, by the window. And, very often, it’s on a Sunday afternoon. At first Anette called the song “Stay”, but I had another song who had the same name, and, I really liked the line “Surface for you”. It says so much. It’s beautiful. After I’d recorded and mixed the song, I sent it to my cousin, Niklas Dahrén. He returned me an email, almost instantly, with an attached file. He had gone down to his basement to play along on his bass, and he had recorded it. I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted, just couldn’t explain it in words. Perfect! He has been it the band since that day.

Niklas Dahrén with his precious...

It’s something about Sundays. The weirdest day of them all. You can almost tell if a song is made on a Sunday. And, as you understand, Sunday Attack is one of them. This is the only song on this EP where I have written the lyrics myself. It’s about… a totally (for me) normal Sunday attack. There’s been a few. Heavy eyes, lock the door. And it all happens in that weird yellow kind of light that I feel lays over Sundays.

AnnaSara in Sigtuna.

Anette and I met up in Sigtuna, in May 2010. We had some really good food, had a lot of tea, talked about life and wrote some songs. Among these songs were “You’re my applepie”. We recorded it in the entré hall of Sigtuna Stiftelsen, in the middle of the night. That’s the last track on this EP.

Northern Safari - You´re My Applepie.
Holding the camera: Miss Anette Skåhlberg.

We have made this record for a lot of reasons, but most of all – because we can! We believe in the power of ourselves. We want our dreams to happen. And my dream is here now – I’ve made a record. I got it on my bookshelf. It’s there. But the dream doesn’t end there, of course, I’ve set up new goals. One of them has been to climb over that “I won’t survive a live performance”-mountain. And believe it or not, I’m on it!

Thanks to all of you who are listening to this record, you mean a lot to me!

The cover went through a hell. Thanks to Susanne Leek who survived all my suggestions. This is a few of them…